Not resolved

Paying cashier several items when I was told people

Who do these loose there time & make me loose mine.

Did not have to say

All that... Just these is not the right

Price do you still want them!!

No I said that was not necessary she told me spanish words si te queda saco pontelo!!! If the coat

fits wear it!!! In the first place why she said what she much she said to me rudeness.... Unprofecional!!!!!

I will not like to tell my whole family & friends my story you don't need employed a person unprofecional like that.I spoke suposly to manager but I dought they do nothing I was ignore & they where telling the person behind me that my buisness that that was consider stealing chanching prices to items not khowing that was my family member paying separate!!!

will never wanna shop there I will inform my friends & family...

You should fire a person. Like that ignorant... Don't wanna give out my info because can't trust .y info will be given out specially with all those drama queens you have dealing there store don't get me wrong I felt Jennifer was profecional she was apologizing over & over but the employes suck rude kids are kids stuff will get ruin stores that's how people shop misplace stuff where they belong kids grab toys show parents they buy!!!

If they don't wanna work stay home people who work hard in the fields wish they had a job like that & people who gave it don't appreciated!! Like the employees Maria R... But thank god one day she will give counts up there I trust in god but she share pissed me off but I showed her I am profecional!!!

Doing the right thing will see what action will u guys take!!!....

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