I phoned them on a weekend as I needed to locate a dog door extension kit to the dog door we had recently purchased and were unable to finish installing without the extension kit. The manufacturer site sent me to this website to order.

I spoke with someone over the phone who quoted this at $95.95. I said are you sure I really need this as the dog door cost the same as the extension. He assured me that this indeed was the item I needed. The item arrived and it was not for the right model.

This time I was able to contact the manufacturer directly who said they had discontinued these extensions and would send me on for free, which I now have. This is a slimy, slippery, yucky company.

I paid $15 postage to mail it back and they charged me $20 for a restocking fee. A useless item, which I returned in new condition to this company, cost me $35.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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