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Do not order from this company, they ship the wrong batteries, when you call they run you into a circle, not solving the problem, The are out of Brooklyn, NY, but sounds like asian answering the phone.

phone number 1-800-816-0810....they come on th phone and tell you to hold and they will be right back. The fact is no one ever comes back, I left the phone on my desk for over an hour, no one came back.

this is a rip off company, by no means do business with them, they will take your money and send wrong battereis.

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This I bought 2 cell phone battery for these *** wips that was 08/15/15 and guess what they were the wrong battery would not fit my Samsung android we are broke And have to wait January I talked to a couple people and I talked to a man who said he called them and told them they sent the wrong battery they told him just a minute he told me that he waited for over an hour never got an answer from them So he told me never order from them they are Rip offs

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