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english instructions r as this: 1,In closes down and under the readiness for action, presses the button short, according to the pattern switch, enters the corresponding condition'(photograph pattern or video recording pattern). 2, In photographs under under the pattern, the blue lamp is bright, presses the button short, carries on the photograph, the yellow light dodges one time; Long according to button close-down.

AND MORE!!!!Nothing makes sense and I paid $100 for the darn thing with the shipping etc... and been through *** trying to call them and get support!

DO NOT buy from them! If I re-wrote the rest of the instructions you wouldn't know what was going on, and their customer support didn't help at all! $100 I spent! Thank you factory outlet for your "good deal". And thanks for the help resolving the issue that never happened!.

I am contacting the attorney general and conumer affairs. Oh, when I mentioned them the lady said she had it recorded that I was doing that...seemed pissed but like she didn't give a ***!

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